Welcome to the Tipp City Area Community Foundations Website

From Thornton Wilder to Main Street, USA, the phrase “Our Town” stirs images symbolizing the pulse felt in prospering American towns. Let’s be honest, the phrase reminds you of our very own Downtown Tipp City.

Independence Day weekend 2015 served as the backdrop to commemorate the city’s 175th anniversary. Mayor Pat Hale’s celebratory remarks hit the nail on the head, “Generation after generation, the city continues to be filled with citizens who care about their community and each other.”

As backdrops go, the Foundations couldn’t ask for a better hometown to thrive in and serve.

When other foundations inquire about the remarkable growth of Tipp’s foundations, the common question is why our numbers multiply like few others’. The answer is that increased donations, increased endowment funds, increased legacy plans and increased grants all equate to a healthy organization.

The Foundations are proud to be the chosen portal for so many charitable intentions. As the board, we are proud to serve and to see that the robust health continues.

Heather Bailey


Photo By: Sharon Elaine Photography

Shown inside of the historic Roller Mill in Downtown Tipp City are Members of the Board. Background: Jim McKee, Marilyn Richards, Pete Schinaman, Mike Lightle, Jim Ranft, Jesse Chamberlain and Dave Grim Foreground: Heather Bailey, Mary Bowman, Jackie Wahl, Claire Timmer and Joan Creech