Our Story

Welcome to the story of the Tipp City Foundation's role in the community. This is the story of a community foundation. Gathering broad sectors of support into a collected whole, the impact of the Foundation on our community is mighty. You have heard the phrase, “together we are better.”  Whether we are speaking of simple pieces of glass, combined to create art, or we are speaking of financial forces used together to create a stronger community…together we are better. Who are the folks on this page? And what do they have in common? Like you, they appreciate the qualities of Tipp City. That is their unifying thread binding their desire to serve on the Board. They are your neighbors.

Acting as caretakers during their tenure, they are responsible for overseeing the prudent use of financial fuel (grants) to make a lasting impact. They look after all the small details of grantmaking and resource building. They are behind so much of the good that happens in our community. A formidable responsibility and task.

Meet Your Board Members

Tipp City Foundation is comprised of a Board of volunteers. These members dedicate countless hours to bringing the Foundations' mission to life. They have a passion for philanthropy and the community of Tipp City. We thank them for their tireless contributions to our success.

Heather Bailey

Diana Featherstone

Jim McKee

Claire Timmer

Mary Bowman

Dee Gillis

Bruce McKenzie

Jackie Wahl

Jess Chamberlain

Dave Grimm

Jim Ranft

Joan Creech

Melissa Keller

Pete Schinaman

Financial Oversight

The Tipp City  Foundation and its funds are component funds of The Troy Foundation.  Leadership for the Foundation rests in our own community while fiscal oversight is maintained by The Troy Foundation.  This partnership allows the Tipp City and Bethel communities to benefit from local leadership and profit from resources pooled with others for investment growth.