Field of Interest and Designated Funds
Grant awards are made by the Foundation's distribution committee and support specific charities or purposes identified by the donors.

Arts Bethel Fund in the Studebaker Tradition of Giving Back – 2014 This fund provides assistance with music, literature and creative art in Bethel Local Schools, which could include materials or​ other academic-related needs.   Created in memory of Emmert and Jane Studebaker, this fund champions learning through the arts.  In addition to their roles as founders of Process Equipment Company, Jane was an organist and weaver. Emmert played flute, wrote poetry, blacksmithed and during his 80s began singing lessons.

Century Milestone Fund iho The Lantz Family – 2017 Buildings authenticated as being at least 100 years old and within Tipp City will be recognized through this fund.  After moving to Tipp City in 1973, Phil and Paula Lantz enjoyed the history exuded by the town. Specifically, they recognized that strong communities don't happen by chance but rather through the commitment of individuals to invest in the maintenance and upkeep of aging properties.

Cross Country at Tippecanoe Fund imo Dave Lightle – 2016 Tipp City High School’s Cross Country Invitational is underwritten by this fund. Dave Lightle’s broad life experiences were imprinted by his entrepreneurial skills, political interests, global view, and linguistics. This translated into a wide-ranging career, which included working as a speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan.

Gillis Family Fund for Self-Sufficiency – 2012 Founded by Kelly and Dee Gillis, who believe in the proverb, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” Grants support activities that help adults reach self-sufficiency through programs such as preparation for high school equivalency certificates (GED) or adult literacy training.

August Henke Comfort for the Needy Fund – 1950 Emma Henke Warner, daughter of August Henke, established this fund to provide comfort and support for needy and aged men. A native of Germany, August Henke was considered the oldest living resident in Tippecanoe when he died in 1923 at the age of 92.

Amy Seibert Kronour Scholarship Fund – 2012 Remembers this teacher of special needs children. This fund assists youth enrolled in the Cuvilly Program of Chaminade Julienne High School, which addresses special needs students’ education.

Lucille L. Milner Trees for Tipp Fund – 1998 For over 70 years, Mrs. Milner enjoyed the beauty, shade, fragrance and texture added to Tipp City’s parks and streets by its urban forest. Her desire to help ensure the same beauty for future generations led her to establish this fund, which provides for the purchase of trees for planting in the parks and along the streets. Plantings are coordinated by Tipp City and its Park Board.

Warren E. Miltenberger Parkland Fund – 2008 This fund supports the out-of-doors that Warren held dear through the acquisition, upkeep, maintenance, and preservation of public parkland or other natural areas.

Outdoor Experiences Fund iho Abby Kessler Bowling – 2017 Outdoor recreation and education as well as parks in Tipp City and Monroe Township receive support from this fund. Abby, a retired teacher and nature enthusiast, encourages people to explore the great outdoors through the creation of this fund.

Radle Family Fund for Science Education – 2007 This fund provides assistance with science and conservation activities for the Bethel Local Schools, which could include scholarships for students or faculty, materials in the science classroom, or student-initiated projects within the community. Woodrow and Mary Radle called Bethel Township “home” since 1946; it is here that they raised their two children.

Safety First Fund – 2017 Public safety initiatives, delivered through emergency services departments in Tipp City, Monroe and Bethel townships, receive support through this fund. Equipment purchases and public education are examples of how these resources may be used. Steve Kessler, who became Tipp City Fire Chief in 1998, established this fund.

Senior Wellness Fund – 2016 Promoting senior health and wellness programs such as eyesight, hearing and dental needs is the mission of this fund. This fund is established in memory of Billy Berk by his parents, John and Kay Berk.

Urban Stewardship Fund – 2009 An architectural mix adds to the streetscape enjoyed by fund founders Heather Bailey and Frank Scenna. This fund has been created to help maintain that charm. Grant awards support the exterior maintenance and upkeep of properties in and around a close proximity of Tipp City’s historical downtown district.

Veterans Tribute Fund – 2013 Public spaces set aside to salute military veterans receive grants from this fund for maintenance and upkeep. This fund is an extension of a commitment to honor those who have served our country, which began in 2005 by a band of volunteers who laid the groundwork for the Veterans Memorial Park at the corner of West Main and Hyatt Streets.

William’s Gift Fund – 2018 Enhancing the quality of life of physically handicapped citizens in the Miami Valley (with an emphasis on Miami County) is the aim of this fund. Organizations providing services such as assistive technologies, therapies that involve service animals or the arts, or other therapeutic experiences are encouraged to apply. Established by the Heinl Family in honor of William, a member of their family, the Heinls made Tipp City their home in 1974.

Youth of Tipp City Fund imo Sara Drexler – 2018 – Education experiences that inspire youth to find joy in learning and zest for life are supported through this fund. Sara Drexler, whose passion for teaching inspired students and teachers alike, continues to share her vitality through this fund.