A few months back, I went to one of those big to-dos. You know the type, one of those events people plan for and talk about for some time. I’m talking about the Tipp City Foundation’s Diamond Jubilee Party – the anniversary and celebration of a group of individuals originating 75 years earlier, with the sole purpose of creating a great community through a variety of endeavors for many folks whom they’ll probably never know. It happened out at the Willow Tree Inn west of town.

We’ve all been to events like this in the past, where the speakers ramble on like an auctioneer at a farm sale or my 10th grade civics teacher giving a discourse about the three branches of government. The type of night where your mind contemplates the hundreds of other things you could be doing, but only have the time to think about doing them when you’re attending a party. And then there are the buffets, which are usually nothing more than reheated ravioli, cheeses sticks, and a small salad bar. Given these experience at past events, usually I’m quite comfortable sitting in the back listening to those long-winded speakers, having a strong run at the buffet, and then quickly calling it a night.

But this night was different. For starters, the food was good-real good. But even after I observed the enticing shrimp cocktail, which was calling my name like fried chicken at a family reunion, the funniest thing happened. I got a sense of a stronger community. One in which neighbors care for one another, legacy donors instilling support through gifts for future generations, and the common good is the goal of all. I heard some people talking about the new football stadium (the Foundation has supported it with its largest grant ever) and what it will mean to the community. I talked with one man who just retired and is looking forward to spending more time around town. He spoke to me about the great things the Tipp City Foundation is involved with and which he also supports. I even spoke with some people who I hadn’t seen in years, but happily acted like we were old friends.  As the night wound down, I congratulated Matt Buehrer, a local businessman, who was recognized as Philanthropist of the Year. In fact, it seemed like the night ended all too quickly.

In the end, I found myself staying late to help clean up and stack folding chairs. This reminded me of why I usually don’t enjoy these events, but it also gave me time to reflect on why this one was special. And that’s because all of us who had been there had gathered together because we had each been touched in one way or another by the Tipp City Foundation’s generosity.  Whether it is the bike “fix-it” station, doggie fountain on the bike trail, the expanding tree grove in Kyle Park or the senior citizen center by the post office, the Tipp City Foundation truly has touched all of us. In fact, I’m sure it’s touched you too!

In my mind, I am wondering what their plans will be for next year. I sure hope they’ll have some more shrimp cocktail.  I’ve got my calendar open.

Thanks to Bruce McKenzie for capturing the spirit of our Diamond Jubilee.

The Foundation hosts a thank you celebration annually for ALL of our donors in the past year. Click here to make your donation and be on the invite list for next year’s event.


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