Discretionary Grants to Community

Like a shiny piece of glass, a grant standing alone sparkles for its uniqueness. Many pieces of glass, placed together in a MOSAIC, create a spectacular body of work, as do the sum of a year's grantmaking. This year's grants took the Foundations to a new level. Not only was this a record year for total grant dollars awarded, this was the year that the $2,000,000 mark was surpassed. What do grants support? Six broad categories are served – education, arts and culture, social services, public health, recreation, and environment. Change happens. Stepping up to community challenges that come from change is at the core of the Foundation. That is the strategy behind grantmaking.

But where does the money for grants come from? You. Citizens, businesses, and organizations contribute to Funds. Funds have unique purposes. Some Funds' purposes are directed by the donors, while other Funds' purposes are broad and flex with time. These broad-purposed Funds are the source of our Discretionary Grants. Grants are awarded to qualified non-profit organizations seeking to make a difference in Tipp City, Monroe Township, and Bethel Township.

As of December 31, 2016, $2,015,724.44 has been awarded to our community via discretionary grants since 1943!


Grant Application


Category of Need
Education $23,052.88
Arts & Culture $22,459.34
Social Services $19,589.78
Public Health $14,869.44
Recreation $7,640.00
Environment $5,913.00

"When that money is invested, it earns interest. That interest is used to make grants. That's grantmaking in a nutshell. The better the investment's return, the more money is available to award."

 The following discretionary grants awarded in 2016 totaled $93,524.44:

$2,080, packs up the 5th graders and helps send them on an adventure to Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio.

$1,017, bridges science and literature through the purchase of nonfiction science-related books in the elementary school library. This grant is made possible through the generous support of the Radle Family Fund for Science Education.
$750, educates students on the importance of serving one's community through the motivating words of speaker Sara Whitestone. This grant was awarded through the Bethel Community Fund.

Child Care Choices, $500, improves the focus of children in child care settings through visits from the Yoga Lady. Similar to this nonprofit's Zumba Lady and Story Lady programs, the Yoga Lady teaches age appropriate techniques to children.

$4,175.20, enriches the science and social studies curricula for 1st grade students with visits to Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm ($1,200.96), Carillon Historical Park ($1,174.16) and Victoria Theatre ($1,370.08), as well as a visit from Boonshoft Museum's Animals Alive ($430).

$1,657.80, rich in Ohio history, the Garst Museum in Greenville educates 4th grade students on topics such as Native Americans, the Treaty of Greenville, and Annie Oakley during this field trip.

$1,500, jumps at the chance to support this innovative course taught in the High School. Through the Homebuilding Class, students participate in building a "Tiny House," which will later be sold and the proceeds will be used to fund the course next year. Through this coursework, students acquire real-world skills for the homebuilding industry.

$1,410.84, teaches life science, physical science, and social studies curricula to kindergarten students through a field trip to Fulton Farms.

$1,295, expands the capabilities of Intervention Specialists in the Middle School through the purchase of iPad minis. Students in this program have a wide range of disabilities including ADHD, autism, processing disorders, cognitive delays, and learning disabilities.

$1,224.64, nurtures scientific inquiry for 5th graders through an extended COSI field trip in the spring.

$1,000, offsets the cost of a one day ACT prep seminar that will be available to students in the Junior class.

$975, fuels the Power of the Pen, an interscholastic writing competition for 7th and 8th graders, designed to help young people find and develop a creative voice that is uniquely their own.

$768.68, supports learning in the middle school intervention classroom through the purchase of Alpha Better desks.

$728, boosts team building, goal setting, and communication skills for members of the Interact Club by sending them to Camp Kern for a one day intensive work session.

$570.72, turns the clock back 200 years when 4th grade students attend The Fair at New Boston. This trade fair recreates the 1790–1812 time period and is hosted annually by the George Rogers Clark Heritage Association in Springfield.

Tippecanoe STEAM Boosters, Inc., $400, purchases reusable name badges for participants in the Upper Miami Valley Science Days program, a competition for students in grades 5–12.

Troy-Miami County Public Library, $3,000, supports the Imagination Library, serving over 400 children under the age of five in the Tipp City and Bethel Township communities this year.


$2,074.85, supports the redesigning of the high school art department, under the accomplished eye of instructor Marie Lindsey. The revamped curriculum will include Art I–III, AP studio art, fashion design, and digital communication. This grant was awarded, in part, through the Arts Bethel Fund in the Studebaker Tradition of Giving Back.

$1,323, pairs the past with the present through the preservation of a century's worth of Bethel High School graduation composite photos. Once restored and digitally scanned, these photos will be projected upon a digital display board. The completion date is targeted for August 2017, in time to mark the 100th anniversary of the school and the grand opening of the massive building expansion. This project is a partnership between the schools, the Bethel Historical Society and the Bethel Alumni Association.

Community Minded Women, $500, continues the custom begun in 1944 of a Tippecanoe High School Senior Girls' Traditional Tea, saluting the young women graduating in the Class of 2016.

Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, $1,700, underwrites the expenses associated with bringing music to Tipp City and Bethel schools. Students will experience live orchestral performances and learn about musical concepts

Downtown Tipp City Partnership, $1,725, spruces up the exteriors of downtown properties identified by the Façade Improvement Program, including the Eagles Lodge at the corner of First and East Main Street. This grant was awarded through the Urban Stewardship Fund.

St. John's Early Childhood Program, $350, provides for a visit from the Dayton Philharmonic String Quartet. "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" will be performed.

Tipp City Area Arts Council, $2,000, purchases art materials for youth programs and events, such as the writer's workshop and makerspaces at the Tipp City Public Library, which will be used throughout the year.

, promotes Stagecrafters Summer Theatre Drama Camp, giving children a two-week experience working both on stage and behind the scenes of a play.

$1,452.60, invigorates 4th grade civics lessons with a field trip to see "We the People" at Victoria Theatre. American Government comes to life via the original "boy band," the Founding Fathers, in this hip musical revue, which sets civics lesson to a rockin' beat.

$1,348.48, treats 5th grade students to a performance of "The Lightning Thief" at Victoria Theatre.

$1,200.76, sends 5th grade students to the Columbus Museum of Art to see first-hand the pieces that they have studied in the classroom. This excursion also promotes critical thinking, which lines up with the school's language art and science standards.

$700, invests in student creativity by publishing literary journals compiled by students in the Inferno Literary Group of the High School.

$618.47, turns up the rhythm by adding hand drums to the percussion instruments in the Broadway music classroom.

Tipp City Public Library, $4,000, implements an additional digital book, music, and movie source for all library cardholders for one year. Using an on-line tool called Hoopla, waiting for a title will now be eliminated and patrons will have access to over 500,000 titles.

Tipp Monroe Community Services, $766.18, elevates the experience of class participants through the purchase of a projector and laptop. When not in use by Community Services instructors, this equipment is available for lending.

Tipp Monroe Community Services, $700, purchases, repairs, and maintains instruments available through the Band Instruments Program. These instruments are used by children who would not otherwise be able to afford to participate in the school band.


Bethel Hope, $2,000, assists citizens in meeting basic needs during times of critical personal downturns. Needs met include food assistance, utility support, help with rent, and pharmacy aid. This grant was awarded through the Bethel Community Fund.
GIVE Medical Ministry, $2,000, purchases medical lift chairs and knee walkers for lending. This equipment assures the safety of those with mobility disabilities.

Miami County Continuum of Care, $1,500, sponsors the web site of this regional agency collaboration, which addresses the needs of homeless and lower-income persons. Services of this network include the Rides to Work program, which drives individuals to and from an employer. In the first seven months of 2016, 1,073 rides to Tipp City businesses were provided.

Needy Baskets, $5,000, helps this agency meet an expanding demand at the Holiday season. Baskets for an estimated 225 families containing ingredients for a traditional Holiday meal will be prepared. This grant was awarded, in part, from the August Henke Fund.

Tipp City Enrichment Program, $3,929, updates the current computer lab and extends the technology in the preschool and pre-k curriculum for this before- and after-school program.

Tipp City Seniors, Inc., $4,160.78, initiates the special funding effort to build a commercial kitchen within the new Senior Center, currently under construction.

Tipp Monroe Community Services, $1,000, funds the Community Relief Program, which provides financial assistance for rent, utilities, and prescriptions to individuals in need.


Brukner Nature Center, $2,079, replaces signage that educates the public on the Ohio wildlife living at the nature center, which includes a red fox, great horned owls, snakes, and flying squirrels.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $900, brings "The Rock Man" Mike Manning, a retired geology and earth science teacher, to 3rd grade students to share his enthusiasm for rocks through a series of hands-on activities that include pantomime.

Tipp City Parks Department, $2,934, replaces trees in parks and curb lawns where ash trees have been removed because of damage from the emerald ash borer. This grant was awarded from the Lucille L. Milner Trees for Tipp Fund.


Dayton Children's, $5,000, extends local funding to a regional project at Dayton Children's. Specifically, this grant will be put toward the building of the eight-story patient tower currently under construction. Each year, over 5,000 patient visits to this regional hospital are made by children from Tipp City.

Miami County Park District, $2,000, supports Rocks, Ropes, and Tree Tops, a high adventure initiative. This program re-connects children to the out-of-doors to address mental and physical health growth.

Miami County Recovery Council, $1,200, implements an evidence-based curriculum in Tippecanoe High School health classes on the education of substance abuse prevention. This is achieved by focusing on issues including peer pressure, self-confidence, and anxiety coping skills.

New Creation Counseling Center, $3,000, provides affordable and timely psychiatric counseling services for those unable to pay. Since January of 2015, New Creation has served over 400 clients from the Tipp City area.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $1,669.44, replaces three clinic recovery couches in the elementary schools.

Tipp Monroe Community Services, $1,500, funds the Eyeglass Program, which provides an annual eye exam and new glasses for citizens in need.

Tipp Monroe Community Services, $500, aids the Diaper and Formula Fund, an emergency program that assists families with small children.


Miami County Educational Service Center, $450, explores the pumpkin patches of Fulton Farms through the eyes of the students of this early intervention program.

Tipp City Enrichment Program, $2,011, enhances the summer activities offered to the children who attend this extended care program.

Tipp City Parks Department, $2,579, constructs replicas of original wooden canal lock doors on Lock 15 in Canal Lock Park. This grant was awarded from the Warren E. Miltenberger Parkland Fund.

Tipp Monroe Community Services, $2,600, defrays the cost of the annual 5th grade excursion to Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio.