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Did you notice that the size of this year’s average grant has grown?
We did that on purpose. Because of you, our investors, assets steadily grow. As a result, so can the size of grants and the impact on our community. Every grant listed below is a direct result of support from the community.

When given the chance, we also make grants to fledgling nonprofits. Taking a chance on new ideas is our duty.

Among our first-time grant recipients this year was Tipp Pride Association and our commitment of $75,000.00 over 10 years towards the building of the new stadium in City Park. These dollars will be leveraged during matching gift campaigns. This is also the largest award ever given by the Foundation. A coincidence that $75,000.00 has been earmarked during the Foundation’s 75th anniversary year? Nope.

Read on to learn about area-wide challenges met through grantmaking in 2018. Since 1943, $2,204,926.44, has been awarded.

Grants are only possible because of our supporters. All contributions are endowed, spending only the interest earned.

What do grants support?

Six broad impact areas are served:
arts and culture, social services, public health and safety, recreation, environment and education.

Grant awards in 2018 totaled $95,801.00. They were awarded to qualified non-profit organizations seeking to make a difference in
Tipp City, Monroe Township and Bethel Township.

Category of Need
Education $19,882.65
Arts & Culture $17,520.72
Social Services $23,340.00
Public Health & Safety $4,000.00
Recreation $16,742.00
Environment $14,315.63

“When that money is invested, it earns interest. That interest is used to make grants. That’s grantmaking in a nutshell. The better the investment’s return, the more money is available to award.”

Bethel Local Schools, $1,026.00, packs up the 5th graders and helps send them on an adventure to Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio. This grant was awarded through the Radle Family Fund for Science Education, established in 2007, which supports conservation activities. 

Bethel Local Schools, $239.00, purchases books for the elementary library to support science learning. This grant was also awarded through the Radle Family Fund for Science Education.

Child Care Choices, $2,000.00, adds Prop Boxes to the resource lending library of this child care referral agency. Prop Boxes contain high quality dramatic play materials centered on themes and are available to child care providers.

Child Care Choices, $2,000.00, purchases books for the Story Lady, volunteer educators making more than 200 visits to Miami County childcare centers and home childcare providers during the 2018-19 school year. Addressing the importance of literacy fundamentals before a child enters kindergarten is the motivation behind this 20-year-old program.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $4,084.00 and $1,240.52, immerses students grade 3 through 8 in the technical world with the purchase of Virtual Reality Kits. Led by teachers, the class follows lectures while wearing futuristic headgear.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $1,500.00, nails down additional safety supplies to meet growing student demand to enroll in the Homebuilding Class. Students participate in building a “Tiny House,” which will later be sold, and the proceeds will be used to fund the course the following year. This experience gives students real-world skills for the homebuilding industry.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $800.00, breaks beyond traditional teaching methods in the Design Thinking Class with “breakout rooms.” These 7th and 8th graders will work in teams to investigate open-ended problem solving, as well as create challenges for other students to explore during RED Devil period.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $750.00, fuels the Power of the Pen, an interscholastic writing competition for 7th and 8th graders designed to help young people find and develop a creative voice that is uniquely their own.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $650.00, stacks the future of STEM learning in favor of Broadway Elementary students through the purchase of a LEGO station for the library.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $304.03, strengthens fine motor muscles of 2nd and 3rd graders by underwriting the costs of a new fiber arts curriculum. Weaving, sewing and felting are examples of the new skills these 400 students will learn.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $289.10, purchases owl pellets for 2nd grade dissectors. For those of us who have been away from a science lab for a while, a refresher on what exactly those are: “Indigestible parts from prey (such as teeth, skulls, claws, and feathers) are too dangerous to pass through the digestive tract. The owl’s gizzard compacts them into a tight pellet that it regurgitates.”

Troy-Miami County Public Library, $5,000.00, supports Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, serving over 500 children under the age of five in Tipp City and Bethel Township. This grant was awarded, in part, through the Bethel Community Fund, established by the Bowman Family.

Bethel Local Schools, $1,490.00, updates communication between the technical crews and directors of concerts and stage performances through the purchase of headset systems. This grant was awarded through the Arts Bethel Fund in the Studebaker Tradition of Giving Back, established in 2014. Read more about Emmert and Jane on page 9.

Bethel Local Schools, $770.00, hosts an art show for students and the community where work by High School Art 1 and Art 2 pupils will be displayed. This grant was also awarded through the Arts Bethel Fund in the Studebaker Tradition of
Giving Back.

Connections of Tipp City, $2,109.72, supports one of the newest nonprofits in the area. This after-school program offers middle and high school students new options for their free time.

Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, $2,000.00, tunes eager learners in to musical concepts while listening to live orchestral recitals. Over 540 Tipp City elementary students will experience these professional performers.

St. John’s Early Childhood Program, $500.00, brings the Dayton Ballet on site with their bug and natural-world-based performances.

Tipp City Chamber of Commerce, $1,500.00, supports the launch of the Teen Leadership Academy, which includes Project T.I.P.P. (Teens Impacting and Promoting Philanthropy). Giving teens responsibility of $3,000.00, they acted as the grant distribution committee by collectively determining allocation of money to area non-profits. This grant was awarded in honor of Jim Kyle, a past Foundation president.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $2,000.00, promotes Stagecrafters Summer Theatre Drama Camp, giving children a two-week experience working both on stage and behind the scenes of a play.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $645.00, invites Madcap Puppets to a one-week Artist in Residency program at Nevin Coppock Elementary School. Blending world literature, fine and performing arts and storytelling, kindergarten and 1st graders will have hands-on experiences with an art form dating back to 5th Century BC.

Tipp City Public Library, $1,750.00, unifies the community while igniting an interest in great books by supporting the Tipp on a Great Read program.

Tippecanoe Historical Society, $1,756.00, protects the archives and artifacts of the museum by offsetting the costs of a new roof. This grant was awarded through the Urban Stewardship Fund, established by Frank Scenna and Heather Bailey. Read more about Frank and Heather on page 10.

Breast Wishes Foundation, $3,000.00, grants wishes to enhance the lives of women actively fighting breast cancer in Tipp City and Bethel Township.

Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County, $5,182.00, contributes to the shelter expansion. In 2017, 70 victims of domestic violence from Tipp City and Bethel Township were given emergency shelter; 52 victims were given legal advocacy.

Needy Basket of Southern Miami County, $5,000.00, helps meet an expanding demand during the Holiday season. Baskets containing ingredients for a traditional Holiday meal will be distributed to an estimated 200 families.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Miami Valley Region, $1,000.00, aids families as they grapple with their child’s illness during their stay at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Last year, 40 families from the Bethel/Tipp City community benefitted from their support. Services include a bite to eat, a place to do laundry and a private spot for a quick shower…all while staying close to their hospitalized child.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $4,725.00, expands efforts to promote an environment of inclusion, diversity, understanding and acceptance. Customized sessions taught to middle school students will build upon the past two years’ curriculum, also customized by the National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton.

Tipp City Seniors, Inc., $1,433.00, supports the new Senior Center with assistance in purchasing warming kitchen equipment. This grant was awarded from the August Henke Fund, established in 1950. Read more about August on page 10.

We Care Arts, $3,000.00, opens the doors for children with profound physical and developmental disabilities to participate in art classes. This learning is available year-round as well as in Transition to Work classrooms of Tippecanoe
High School.

Brukner Nature Center, $2,000.00, shelters quarantined patients at this wild animal preserve during recovery by supporting a building expansion program. This grant was made in honor of Matt Timmer, former Foundation president, whose love of wildlife was legendary during his tenure.

Downtown Tipp City, $820.63, expands the beauty of oversized seasonal plantings to now include the corners of First and Main Streets through the purchase of planters and related supplies.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $1,100.00, brings “The Rock Man” Mike Manning, a retired geology and earth science teacher, to 3rd grade students to share his enthusiasm for rocks through a series of  hands-on activities.

Tipp City Parks Department, $4,793.00 and $5,207.00, continues the partnership with the City to plant a tree grove in recognition of the Foundation’s 75th anniversary. Located in Kyle Park, this grove honors donors who establish endowment funds. This grant was awarded, in part, from the Lucille L. Milner Trees for Tipp Fund. Read more about Lucille on page 10.

Tipp City Parks Department, $395.00, improves the landscape at Veteran’s Memorial Park by replacing ground cover. This grant was awarded through the Veteran’s Tribute Fund, established in 2013. Read more about veterans roles in creating this fund on page 10.

Miami County Recovery Council, $3,000.00, interjects substance abuse prevention in Tippecanoe High School and Bethel Middle School health classes. This grant was also awarded, in part, through the Bethel Community Fund.

Tipp Monroe Community Services, $1,000.00, funds the Eyeglass Program, which provides an annual eye exam and new glasses for citizens in need.

Miami County Educational Service Center, $500.00, explores Fulton Farms through the eyes of small children served through this early intervention program. This year’s field trip extends into the evening by including parents in hands-on fun. Science, math and literacy stations will incorporate pumpkins into family-based learning.

Tipp City Enrichment Program, $3,100.00, enhances the summer activities offered to the children who attend this extended care program.

Tipp City Parks Department, $2,542.00, expands the walking path around City Park with a 180-foot addition. This grant was awarded through the Warren E. Miltenberger Parkland Fund, established in 2008. Read more about Warren on page 10 in the 2018 Tipp Citty Foundation Annual Report.

Tipp City Youth Soccer, $500.00, provides needs-based support to assist families who find it difficult to pay for soccer registration and equipment.

Tipp Monroe Community Services, $2,600.00, defrays the cost of the annual 5th grade excursion to Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio.

Tipp Pride Association, $7,500.00, represents the first payment of the Foundation’s commitment of $75,000. Read more about this grant in the introduction portion of this chapter.

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