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Prudent investing with a vision toward the long view meant that when a global pandemic and stock market shockwaves hit, the dollars available to support our community were not hampered. In fact, just the opposite: grant awards in 2020 were the highest in our history.

Your gifts, combined with interest income, steadily grow our family of funds. When those grow, so can the grant sizes and impact on local needs. Every grant listed below is a direct result of support from the community.

Taking a chance on new ideas is our calling.
When Brunner Literacy Center approached the Tipp City Library and the Foundation to create a collaboration model to support English language learning, we were intrigued. Several immigrant families are settling in the Bethel community. We know this from the grant requests from Bethel Local Schools. Could our support of English learning for the parents help families assimilate? We wanted to try.

The evolution of our community can be understood through the grants awarded over the years. Read on to learn about area-wide priorities met through grantmaking in 2020. Since 1943, $2,428,638.44has been awarded.

What do grants support?
Six broad impact areas are served: arts and culture, social services, health and safety, recreation, environment, and education. And this year a 7th impact area, COVID-19 support, was added.

Grant awards in 2020 totaled $116,873.00.
They were awarded to qualified non-profit organizations seeking to make a difference in Tipp City, Monroe Township, and Bethel Township. 
(New award dollars, combined with some returned from 2019 because the pandemic made the projects unachievable, total $121,723.10.)

COVID-19 Response$25,343.8021%
Health & Safety$22,749.9519%
Arts & Culture$22,430.5218%
Social Services$16,580.0013%

“When that money is invested, it earns interest. That interest is used to make grants. That’s grantmaking in a nutshell. The better the investment’s return, the more money is available to award.”

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The Foundation

Targeted COVID-19 Specific Grants
Spring of 2020 found our community in new territory. How long would the pandemic last? What will neighbors need the most? Will nonprofits survive without the ability to host in-person fundraisers? Where could Foundation resources be used for the greatest impact? Grant application deadlines were put aside so that when a nonprofit was ready to ask for support, the Foundation could turn a grant around in a short time, often in just a few days. Grantmaking response included the following:

Downtown Tipp City Partnership, $10,000.00, seeds the Coronavirus Relief Program. Emergency aid to downtown employers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic is available through this fund. The goal of the Program is to maintain community vibrancy and economic prosperity during and after the COVID-19 pandemic by assisting in limiting the health crisis’ negative economic impact on the residents of Tipp City. Additional support from Lucky 13 Fund advisors rounds out this request for a total of $15,000.00.

Bethel Local Schools, $1,000.00, reinforces the work of the Social Emotional Awareness Counselor as attention is turned towards teachers’ needs. Wellness care packages will be given to staff as they navigate the stress of teaching in the time of COVID-19.

Needy Basket of Southern Miami County, $2,500.00 and $1,000.00, helps purchase an additional 35,000 – 45,000 pounds of food above the original 2020 estimate. Demands for nutrition assistance had increased 91% year-over-year by the end of April. The pantry is open for Tipp City, Monroe, and Bethel Township residents.

Tipp Monroe Community Services, $5,000.00, replenishes the year-round Community Relief Program. This emergency fund assists families with rent, prescriptions, or utility costs. Residents of Tipp City, Monroe Township, and Bethel Township are eligible to apply. This is an August Henke Comfort for the Needy Fund grant. Additional support from the Dave Drake Family Fund advisors rounds out this request for a total of $5,300.00.

Miami County Dental Clinic, $3,000.00, undergirds operating expenses, which have held steady during the pandemic, though partnerships with The Ohio State University dental program and fundraising events have been restricted. The mission of the clinic is to provide quality dental care to low-income, uninsured, and under-insured patients.

Miami County Recovery Council, $2,843.80, continues to support the increased demands on Hope House, a residential opiate withdrawal management program. Federal data shows that the pandemic contributed to the country’s sharpest 12-month increase in drug overdoses in history.

Bethel Local Schools, $3,585.00, inspires 7th- and 8th-grade STEM learning with the purchase of high-tech tools like 3D printers. This is a Radle Family Fund for Science Education grant.

Bethel Local Schools, $2,421.78, supports “Fundations,” a phonics teaching tool for 270 K-2 learners, with the purchase of classroom materials. This is a Bethel Community Fund grant.

Bethel Local Schools, $1,979.22, buys tools such as needle and thread, first aid kits, hand tools, and even a toilet plunger for the new Life Skills curriculum. This course in “adulting” skills teaches some of the fundamentals of adult life. This is a Bethel Community Fund grant. Additional support from Robinson-Walters Family Fund advisors rounds out this request for a total of $2,979.22.

Child Care Choices, $4,000.00, purchases books and activity supplies for the Story Lady, volunteer educators promoting early literacy. Serving Miami Valley childcare centers and home childcare providers, Tipp City represents 20% of this outreach. During the 2020-21 school year, educators will serve a total of 70 locations and reach 950 children.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $727.00, purchases a set of Literacy Footprints Guided Reading System for 4th-grade readers. These books help children develop strong literacy skills and a love for reading. This grant was made possible, in part, by the Youth
of Tipp City Fund in memory of (imo) Sara Drexler.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $283.77, purchases owl pellets for 2nd graders to dissect. Pellets are the regurgitated indigestible parts from prey (such as teeth and feathers) too dangerous to pass through the digestive tract. This is a Youth of Tipp City Fund imo Sara Drexler grant.

Tipp City Public Library, $3,000.00, meets the needs of dyslexic and struggling readers through the purchase of large print and Hi-Lo books. Hi-Lo books are high-interest, low reading level books designed to engage struggling readers by exploring complex, age-appropriate themes at a lower reading level. Book titles purchased were coordinated between the Library and the Media Specialist from Tipp City Schools.

Bethel Local Schools, $2,875.00, adds a multicultural World Music elective to the middle school with the purchase of a drumming curriculum.

Bethel Local Schools, $2,176.20, nourishes elementary students through unique musical experiences found in Orff percussion instruments. Bethel School’s long-standing tradition of music program excellence is born in the early years with hands-on class experiences. This grant was made possible, in part, by the Bethel Arts Fund.

Bethel Local Schools, $1,524.00, elevates the art department with floor easels, not commonly found in high school art rooms. Artmaking at an easel encourages artists to work vertically, which enables them to produce works of art in the same plane of their perception and in the same plane their work will most likely be experienced by others. This is a Bethel Arts Fund grant.

Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, $2,000.00, tunes young learners into musical concepts while listening to orchestral recitals. In the past, this partnership with Tipp City Schools was in person, but due to the pandemic, the five “live” performances will be experienced in a streamed format. All Tipp City elementary students will experience these professional productions.

Downtown Tipp City Partnership, $845.00 and $1,007.00, spruces up the exteriors of downtown properties identified by the Façade Improvement Program. This is an Urban Stewardship Fund grant.

Project T.I.P.P. (Teens Impacting and Promoting Philanthropy), $4,664.00, gives teens grantmaking responsibility over these dollars as they play the role of a grant distribution committee. This exercise is in conjunction with the Tipp City Chamber of Commerce’s Teen Leadership Academy.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $1,500.00, promotes Stagecrafters Summer Theatre Drama Camp, giving children a two-week experience working both on stage and behind the scenes of a play. Additional support from Lucky 13 Fund advisors rounds out this request for a total of $2,000.00.

Tipp City Parks Department, $1,839.32, maintains gutter and downspouts at Veteran’s Memorial Park. This is a Veteran’s Tribute Fund grant.

Tipp City Public Library, $2,000.00, explores the challenge of creating peace through literature with author Susan Southard. “Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War,” a history told through the eyes of Japanese teenagers, was used in Tippecanoe High School. This grant underwrites an interactive high school lecture by Southard to uncover her research process as well as her passion for disarmament issues. Creating a more worldly generation is the goal of this partnership between the Library, Schools, and Dayton Literary Peace Prize. Additional support was given from the Robinson-Walters Family Fund and the Tippecanoe Educational Endowment Fund.

Tipp City Public Library, $2,000.00, adds flair to the public alley between the Library and Coldwater Café by supporting a large mural installation. Tipp City native and muralist Atalie Gagnet begins the project in fall 2020.

Brunner Literacy Center, $3,000.00, encourages neighbors striving for a better life through education. Student goals of GED preparation, literacy skills, or English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) are achieved while working one-on-one with tutors. This program is coming to our community through a partnership with the Tipp City Library. This is an H. E. “Tiny” & Emma Drewing Fund grant.

Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County, $5,000.00, contributes to the housing expansion project. Serving all of Miami County, the shelter affords victims of domestic violence from Tipp City and Bethel Township eligiblity for emergency shelter and legal advocacy.

Isaiah’s Place, Inc., $2,500.00, trains new foster families in Trust-Based Relational Intervention and creates sensory rooms in their homes. When children come from hard places such as neglect, trauma, or abuse, it alters their brain chemistry, which makes it difficult for them to trust caregivers and can result in behavioral issues. TBRI training addresses the trauma by building trust. At any given time, Miami County has between 35 and 50 children in foster care.

Needy Basket of Southern Miami County, $4,000.00, helps meet an expanding demand during the Holiday season. Baskets containing ingredients for a traditional holiday meal, will be distributed to an estimated 230 families. Partial dollars for this award represent the reallocation of a grant awarded earlier in the year that was not able to be used fully by another organization. Additional support from the Dave Drake Family Fund and the Robinson-Walters Family Fund advisors rounds out support of this grant for a total of $5,500.00.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Miami Valley Region, $1,000.00, aids families as they grapple with their child’s illness during their stay at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Last year, 34 families from the Bethel/Tipp City community benefited from their support. Services include a bite to eat, a place to do laundry, and a private spot for a quick shower…all while staying close to their hospitalized child.

Tipp City Enrichment Program, Inc., $700.00, upgrades computer technology for this latchkey program. Over 150 families are supported by TCEP. This is a Jim & June Kyle Family Fund grant.

Tipp City Seniors, Inc., $380.00, builds a website to promote ever-changing activity schedules. Membership has grown to 375 since moving to the new location. This is an August Henke Comfort for the Needy Fund grant. Additional support from Dave Drake Family Fund advisors rounds out this request for a total of $430.00.

Brukner Nature Center, $1,709.00, customizes new promotional tools for community outreach events. A new booth, experiential display, and video make up the three components to educate an audience on volunteer opportunities, programming for children, and wildlife rehabilitation.

Downtown Tipp City Partnership, $2,125.40, meets a need in Downtown Tipp City due to increased pedestrian traffic…there aren’t enough trash cans! What a good problem to have. This project is in conjunction with the Tipp City Street Department. Additional support from Robinson-Walters Family Fund advisors rounds out this request for a total of $2,875.40.

Tipp City Parks Department, $3,060.00, plants tree species like Kentucky Coffee, Buckeye, and Northern Catalpa in public parks and curb lawns. Look for their beautiful color each fall throughout the city. This is a Lucille L. Milner Trees for Tipp Fund grant.

Miami County Dental Clinic, $4,500.00, nods to the importance of oral health by supporting lab and supply fees of the Dental Direct Program. Last year, 8,172 patients from Miami County used these services, and 1,343 of those were senior citizens. This is a Senior Wellness Fund grant. Additional support from Lucky 13 Fund advisors rounds out this request for a total
of $5,000.00.

Miami County Fire and Emergency Services Chief’s Association, Inc., $2,000.00, fuels the fire extinguisher training program. This is a Safety First Fund grant.

Miami County Recovery Council, $5,000.00, defrays operating expenses for Hope House, a residential opiate withdrawal management program. Located in Troy, it was the first facility of its kind in the Miami Valley. MCRC works closely with the courts, UVMC, employers, and families looking for a safe location where a person can successfully withdraw from opiates or methamphetamine. The overwhelming majority of admissions are self-referrals.

New Creations Counseling Center, Inc., $8,000.00, assists with counseling and psychiatric services for those with financial need. In the next year, this organization anticipates it will see 460 patients from the Tipp City, Bethel Township, and Monroe Township communities over the course of over 2,300 sessions. Additional support from Robinson-Walters Family Fund advisors rounds out this request for a total of $10,000.00.

Tipp City Fire and Emergency Services, $3,249.95, equips emergency vehicles with immobilization devices called Reeves Sleeves, which will be used to aid patients who have experienced trauma. This grant is awarded, in part, through the Safety First Fund, established by Chief Steve Kessler in 2017. Additional support from the Dave Drake Family Fund advisors rounds out this request for a total
of $3,749.95.

Tipp City Enrichment Program, $500.00, enhances the summer activities offered to the children who attend this extended care program. Portions of an earlier grant not fully used by another organization were reallocated to support this request.

Tipp City Parks Department, $4,500.00, repurposes an area near the Nature Center by building a 12’ X 24’ open-air picnic shelter. With easy access from the bike path, this will make a welcome rest stop. Additional support from Lucky 13 Fund advisors rounds out this request for a total of $5,000.00. This grant is awarded, in part, through the following funds established by nature and recreation enthusiasts: Warren E. Miltenberger Parkland Fund, Jim & June Kyle Family Fund, and Outdoor Experiences Fund in honor of (iho) Abby Kessler Bowling.

Tipp City Parks Department, $1,754.00, rallies man’s best friends at the popular dog recreational area in Kyle Park, as they romp on new exercise equipment. A jump bar, A-frame unit, and stairways will be added to the play space.

Tipp Pride Association, $4,973.66, represents a payment towards the Foundation’s commitment of $75,000.00 to build a new stadium in City Park.

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