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Like the leafy trees on these pages, we’re growing! Because of you, our investors, gifts steadily grow our funds. When those grow, so can the grant size and impact on local needs. Every grant listed below is a direct result of support from the community.

When given the chance, we make grants to fledgling non-profits as well as to new projects by steadfast organizations. Taking a chance on new ideas is our duty.

First-time grantees included Seeds of Hope OH and Isaiah’s Place, which support children in foster care, and Tipp City EMS Auxiliary, offering free CPR classes to the public.

The evolution of our community can be understood through the grants awarded over the years. Read on to learn about area-wide challenges met through grant-making in 2019. Since 1943, $2,311,765.44 has been awarded.

Grants are possible because of our investors.
All gifts are endowed, spending only the interest earned.
See the list of investors in the annual report on (pages 18-21) and the endowment funds that grants are awarded from (pages 10-17).

What do grants support?
Six broad impact areas are served: arts and culture, social services, health and safety, recreation, environment, and education.

Grant awards in 2019 totaled $106,839.00. They were awarded to qualified non-profit organizations seeking to make a difference in Tipp City, Monroe Township, and Bethel Township.

Category of Need
Education $15,999.41
Arts & Culture $29,157.25
Social Services $17,515.00
Health & Safety $18,035.00
Recreation $21,605.34
Environment $4,527.00

“When that money is invested, it earns interest. That interest is used to make grants. That’s grantmaking in a nutshell. The better the investment’s return, the more money is available to award.”

Bethel Local Schools, $1,412.00, underwrites entry fees for students to participate in State science fairs and robotics competitions. This grant is awarded through the Radle Family Fund for Science Education, established in 2007.

Bethel Local Schools, $658.00, packs up 140 5th graders and helps send them on an adventure to Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio. This grant is awarded through the Radle Family Fund for Science Education, which supports conservation learning.

Child Care Choices, $2,000.00, purchases books for the Story Lady, volunteer educators making more than 200 visits to Miami County childcare centers and home childcare providers during the 2019-20 school year. This grant is awarded, in part, through the Bethel Community Fund where Bethel neighbors help each other.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $1,989.41, replaces outdated materials in the Mental Wellbeing Collection of the high school library with up-to-date topics and more current information. Over 800 students will have access to 75 new titles.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $800.00, breaks beyond traditional teaching methods for gifted 5th graders through higher-level puzzle-solving activity kits. Lessons will involve math, science, language arts, and social studies.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $600.00, enriches the science curricula for 1st graders with visits from Boonshoft Museum’s Animals Alive…cute, cuddly, creepy and crawly.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $540.00, buys the middle school’s Academic Quiz Team new buzzer systems for practice and competition.

Tippecanoe STEM Education, Inc., $1,000.00, upgrades the high school science department equipment to more closely reflect what students will encounter in college and on the job. Specifically, Vernier LabQuest2 Bluetooth-enabled sensors will now round out the testing lab.

Tipp Monroe Community Services, $2,000.00, supports local competitors attending the Destination Imagination Global Competition. Creative thinking skills are put to the test as these Red Devils go head to head with students from 1,400 other teams from around the world.

Troy-Miami County Public Library, $5,000.00, supports Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, serving over 600 children under the age of five in Tipp City and Bethel Township. This grant is awarded, in part, through the Bethel Community and the Jim and June Kyle Family Funds. Read about the Kyles on page 11 .

Bethel Local Schools, $3,850.00, helps send 70 students to Nashville in Spring 2020 to participate in the Nashville Heritage Festival. The visit includes the opportunity to participate in a masterclass with musical clinicians.

Bethel Local Schools, $2,744.00, stirs the imagination of 100 high school students as they blend art history and worldwide social issues affecting teens into juried artwork. This grant is awarded through the Arts Bethel Fund in the Studebaker Tradition of Giving Back, established in 2014. Read about the Studebakers on page 12.

Bethel Local Schools, $1,850.25, serves “a taste of Broadway” to 130 1st graders via a field trip to see “A Year with Frog & Toad” at La Comedia Dinner Theatre. This production ties into classroom reading lessons.

Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, $500.00, tunes young learners into musical concepts while listening to live orchestral recitals. Over 540 Tipp City elementary students will experience these professional productions.

Downtown Tipp City, $1,809.00, spruces up the exteriors of downtown properties identified by the Façade Improvement Program. This award is awarded through the Urban Stewardship Fund, established
in 2009.

Main Street Preschool, $1,500.00, offsets the cost of a musical pilot program taught by The Manuel Creative Arts Academy of Dayton.

Project T.I.P.P. (Teens Impacting and Promoting Philanthropy), $5,000.00, gives teens grantmaking responsibility as they play the role of a grant distribution committee. This exercise is in conjunction with the Tipp City Chamber of Commerce Teen Leadership Academy.

St. John’s Early Childhood Program, $500.00, brings the Dayton Ballet on site with their Fairy Tales and Folklore performances. Over 70 children will participate in this program.

Tipp City Area Arts Council, $5,000.00, blows the minds of passersby in downtown Tipp City in 2020 by supporting Artworks on Main. The fantasy world of puppeteer Tristan Cupp will come to life through a kinetic, interactive sculpture incorporating mechanics, design, engineering, nature and art.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $2,000.00, promotes Stagecrafters Summer Theatre Drama Camp, giving children a two-week experience working both on stage and behind
the scenes of a play.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $1,000.00, excites kindergarten and 1st graders when they meet Jeffrey Ebbler and hear firsthand about the creative stages of writing and illustrating his books.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $500.00, invites Madcap Puppets to a one-week Artist in Residency program at Nevin Coppock Elementary School. Blending world literature, fine and performing arts and storytelling, kindergarten and 1st graders will have hands-on experiences with an art form dating back to 5th Century BC.

Tipp City Parks Department, $904.00, maintains Veteran’s Memorial Park. This grant was awarded through the Veteran’s Tribute Fund, established in 2013.

Tipp City Public Library, $2,000.00, explores the challenge of creating peace through literature with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gilbert King. More than 600 juniors and seniors from Tipp, Troy. and Piqua High Schools will attend an interactive lecture to uncover his research process as well as his passion for social justice. Creating a more worldly generation is the goal of this partnership with the Dayton Literary Peace Prize.

Bethel Local Schools, $3,500.00, reinforces the work of the Social Emotional Awareness Counselor, a new position in this rapidly growing school system. Tools purchased through this grant will help students learn to have a growth mindset, build resiliency, and practice self-regulation. This grant is awarded, in part, through the Bethel Community Fund, established in 2013. Read about the Bowman family, creators of this fund, on page 11.

Isaiah’s Place, Inc., $2,770.00, positions this agency to complete a foster home recruitment plan and to double the number of foster homes in Tipp City and Bethel Township. At any given time, Miami County has between 35 and 50 children in foster care.

Needy Basket of Southern Miami County, $1,500.00, helps meet an expanding demand during the Holiday season. Baskets containing ingredients for a traditional Holiday meal will be distributed to an estimated 200 families.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Miami Valley Region, $1,000.00, aids families as they grapple with their child’s illness during their stay at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Last year, 43 families from the Bethel/Tipp City community benefitted from their support. Services include a bite to eat, a place to do laundry, and a private spot for a quick shower…all while staying close to their hospitalized child.

Seeds of Hope OH, $1,345.00, bridges a gap felt by foster and kinship families by supplying Basic Needs Bags to help get them off on the right foot. Some foster placements come on very short notice and these bags contain essentials for success from the onset such as car seats, diapers, and other basics. In the last eight months, 86 Miami County families (including seven from Tipp City) have had needs filled through this new organization. This is the first award to Seeds of Hope from the Foundation.

Tipp City Seniors, Inc., $2,400.00, meets the needs of this expanding organization by purchasing and installing presentation equipment for a weekly guest speaker series. This grant is awarded, in part, through
the August Henke Comfort for the Needy Fund. Read about August
on page 12.

We Care Arts, $5,000.00, opens the doors for young people with profound physical and developmental disabilities as they participate in Transition to Work and after-school classes. This learning is available year-round in downtown Tipp City and in Tippecanoe High School during the school year.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $1,431.00, sends 3rd graders to Ohio Caverns in West Liberty, Ohio. Explored since 1897, this natural attraction bears witness to nature’s underground beauty.

Tipp City Parks Department, $3,096.00, continues the partnership with the City to plant a tree grove in Kyle Park, which honors donors who establish endowment funds. This grant is awarded from the Lucille L. Milner Trees for Tipp Fund, established
in 1998.

GIVE Medical Ministry, $2,400.00, helps meet the demand for incontinence supplies for Miami County adults requesting assistance.

Miami County Dental Clinic, $1,500.00, furthers their mission of providing quality dental care to low-income, uninsured, and under-insured patients by updating the Clinic website. Of their nearly 12,000 active patients, about 350 per year are senior citizens from Tipp City. This grant is awarded through the Senior Wellness and August Henke Comfort for the Needy Funds. Read about John and Kay Berk, founders of the Senior Wellness Fund, on page 13.

Miami County Recovery Council, $3,000.00, defrays operating expenses for Hope House, a residential opiate withdrawal management program. Located in Troy, it is the only facility of its kind in the Miami Valley.

New Creations Counseling Center, Inc., $3,000.00, assists with counseling and psychiatric services for those with financial need. In the next year, this organization will see 700 patients over the course of 2,200 sessions.

Tipp City EMS Auxiliary, Inc., $2,135.00, covers the costs of supplies required for free CPR classes. This grant is awarded, in part, through the Safety First Fund, established by Chief Steve Kessler in 2017. Read about the Chief on page 13.

Tipp City Enrichment Program, $3,000.00, connects first responders to this year-round childcare program by purchasing emergency com- munication equipment. Over 150 families in Tipp City are supported by this program.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $3,000.00, supports Hope Squad in the high school, promoting mental wellness, hope, and a positive environment towards suicide prevention. This peer-based program is the first of its kind in Miami County.

Miami County Educational Service Center, $2,000.00, brings a little monkey business to the serious task of educating preschool students identified as disabled in Bethel Township. This grant supports new playground equipment and was awarded, in part, through the Bethel Community Fund.

Miami County Educational Service Center, $400.00, explores Fulton Farms through the eyes of small children served through this early intervention program. This year’s field trip extends into the evening by including parents in hands-on fun. Science, math, and literacy stations will incorporate pumpkins into family-based learning.

Tipp City Enrichment Program, $2,650.00, enhances the summer activities offered to the children who attend this extended care program.

Tipp City Parks Department, $2,650.00, swings into action to purchase new playground equipment for Kyle Park. This grant was awarded through the Warren E. Miltenberger Parkland Fund, established in 2008.

Tipp Monroe Community Services, $3,000.00, defrays the cost of the annual 5th grade excursion to Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio, for 100 children. This grant was the first ever awarded through the Outdoor Experiences Fund in honor of Abby Kessler Bowling, established in 2017.

Tipp Monroe Swim Team, $879.00, purchases a new starting system for this recreational summer swim program. Each year over 100 area youth join the team.

Tipp Pride Association, $7,500.00 and $2,526.34, represent payments in support of the Foundation’s commitment of $75,000 to help build a new stadium in City Park. These dollars will be leveraged during matching gift campaigns.

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