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Legacy Society

Meet Our Legacy Society Donors

The Legacy Society recognizes those donors who have invested in the future of our community by naming the Tipp City Foundation as a beneficiary in their estate plans. Funds benefited by estate plans can support any charitable cause or organization, and can work to benefit the region in perpetuity – long after the lives of the donors.

Unlike a gift received during a donor’s lifetime, a legacy gift is received after the donor’s death. Legacies become a donor’s memorial to their favorite charitable causes.

These generous people have provided for gifts through their wills, insurance policies, or other planned giving financial vehicles that will eventually come to the Tipp City Foundation.

You can learn more about their stories by clicking their names below.

How To Join the Legacy Society

Membership in the Legacy Society is straightforward. Individuals who name the Foundation as a beneficiary of an estate plan are members.  Estate plans can support any charitable cause or organization. Estate gifts work to benefit the region long after the lives of the donors.

Membership begins by:

  1. Select what charitable cause or organization you want to support.
  2. Select how your gift will be funded.  Insurance, wills and retirement plans are common options. This may require working with a professional such as an attorney, but that is not always the case.
  3. Decide if your membership will be Anonymous
  4. Let us know of your intentions: 937-528-2482 or info@tippfoundation.org

If you are a legacy donor who has not made their future contribution known to the Foundation but would like to, please contact Jim Ranft or Heather Bailey at 937-528-2482.

Contact us:
Ph: 937-528-2482

Make checks payable to:
Tipp City Foundation
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The Tipp City Foundation promotes local community endeavors and advances charitable giving through an unwavering commitment for future generations.

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