Walking around town on a nice day lately, I recognize the things which tell you spring is in the air…birds chirping, daffodils springing forth, people enjoying a brisk walk and the freshness of a bright sunny day.

I saw one man, and although I know his name and have seen him many times, I must admit I know very little about him. He was strolling along Main Street, doing some casual “window shopping” downtown. I’ve seen him at various events and activities, and he seems to be one of those gentlemen that you often see talking to people or just walking around town. This man is Gordon Honeyman, a lifelong resident.

Gordon was born in this great little town many years ago. His father was the village electrician. Gordon, meanwhile, went to work for Merrill Lynch, starting in 1965 and continuing in that line for more than fifty years. During that time, Gordon has seen the village grow into a town and the town into a city, what many of us call Tipp City. 

Speaking of that name, Gordon feels strongly that our fair town should once again be called “Tippecanoe.” His desire for this stems from the significance our community has played, even in years gone by. Gordon points out that the name has “class” and carries “historical meaning” from an era that many today are unfamiliar with. To Gordon, the name “Tipp City” sounds a bit silly and fails to convey the rich heritage that built our downtown and the surrounding area. The only reason it may not sound silly to most locals is because it’s what they have come to know and have heard repeated for years. But tell it to someone who is not familiar with the name, and they usually ask why such a wonderful town has such an odd name.

But a rose is still a rose, and with his hometown of Tipp City being his inspiration through the many years, Gordon has always looked for ways to give back. Having served on the Tipp City Foundation board for many years, Gordon was eager to have another way to give back when he established a fund in 2021 to carry on his devotion to the town in perpetuity. Gordon knows that those on the board will see to it that the funds coming from his endowment will strengthen the community in the best way possible. Although Gordon started the fund with a smaller initial amount, the fund will receive a much larger injection of assets transferred in from Gordon’s retirement funds when the day finally arrives that he no longer needs them.

The weeks to come will surely bring some beautiful spring days, the sort which tell you it won’t be long until the lazy, hazy days of summer—with its heat and humidity—will be upon us. And on one of these beautiful days, I will surely take a walk, and most likely I’ll see Gordon out and about in the community. I may walk up and let him expound on his thoughts of changing the name of our community back to Tippecanoe. Who knows, maybe someone will start a movement to reclaim the name, and maybe that movement will need funding—and in another way Gordon’s vision might continue. After all, his fund fittingly uses the name “Tippecanoe” to bring attention to that wonderful name this great community holds near and dear.

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Story written by Bruce McKenzie

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