There are times in life when you realize that some people just seem to be plain lucky. It’s not that they win the lottery every other week, or are recognized for some great feat, but rather that from all appearances, there is just something uniquely special about how things work out for them. Frank Scenna and Heather Bailey seem to fit in that category.

For evidence of that, consider their nuptials. Heather and Frank were married on Friday, October 13, in a surprise wedding at the Willowtree Inn, just west of town. The twist was that the celebration took place at a party they themed “Get Lucky with Frank & Heather,” and their party guests were completely unaware that they were actually wedding guests—and that the party would include a marriage ceremony! What a day to truly be remembered, as Heather and Frank remark that it was “one of the very best days of our lives.” There’s just some special luck in that.

With deep roots in the area, Heather’s family goes way back, with parts of her family having resided in the area we now call Tipp City since 1813. And while Frank is a relative newcomer to the area, moving here in 2004, he now also proudly calls this place home. Both desire to make sure that the community and region in which they live continues to grow in a positive direction, as Tipp City long has.

With that desire in mind, Frank and Heather focused on establishing charitable funds. With Heather’s father a tax and estate planner, both Heather and Frank recognized the need to make sure that their efforts would grow not only now, but well past their lifetime. To that end, in 2009 they established the Urban Stewardship Fund to do just that. Used as a long-term estate planning tool, this fund improves buildings in downtown Tipp City.

Thinking back to their wedding when searching for a name, Frank and Heather opened an additional fund called Lucky 13 more recently, in 2019. This fund helps community organizations by allowing Frank and Heather to donate stock into the fund without realizing any capital gains on the appreciation of the stock. This means that the full value of the stock is available for Heather and Frank to provide to charity.

As a donor-advised fund, Frank and Heather are also lucky to be able to direct their charitable support to institutions and groups who share their ideals and passions, from Glen Helen Nature Preserve to Brunner Literacy Center and many others, such as WYSO, the Dayton Art Institute, Ohio’s Hospice, Child Care Choices, Think TV, the League of Women Voters…. The list is endless, with all beneficiaries sharing ideals close to Frank and Heather.

By working with the Tipp City Foundation, everyone—Frank and Heather, charitable organizations, and local residents and the community—prospers, especially when endowments are built to last well into the future. To me, that sounds like a community which is “lucky” to have people like Frank and Heather. And as for Heather and Frank, well, it pays to be lucky.

The Tipp City Foundation is a member fund of The Troy Foundation. You can make a difference with your dollars in our community by:

  • Donating online here.
  • Making your check payable to the Tipp City Foundation and mail to P.O. Box 626, Tipp City, OH 45371.
  • Setting up a fund or legacy plan by contacting Heather Bailey at (937) 528-2482.

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