October 11, 2017. Ron and Sue Ann Re’, forty year residents of Tipp City, were awarded the Philanthropists of the Year by the Tipp Foundation at its annual donor appreciation event on September 21st at the Eagle’s. Dee Gillis, of the Foundation, stated “Ron and Sue Ann work tirelessly and quietly doing many things for our community and helping to make it a better place to live and raise our families.”

Philanthropy is defined as the practice of performing charitable or benevolent action; the love of mankind in general—which is the definition of what Ron and Sue Ann Re’ do with their lives. Robert Terril, in his nomination of the Re’s stated, “the hours each has spent helping others, from the nights they were both searching out problems on bicycles in the alleys of Tipp City, to assisting little old ladies in their time of need, to helping various residents in their waning years, are countless.”
The Re’s have made significant financial contributions to the beautiful Veteran’s Memorial Park, and were instrumental in creating the Veteran’s Memorial Fund of the Tipp City Foundation.

But these examples are in addition to the countless incidents of unpublicized generosity the Re’s have given to the community. Ron has been active for over 25 years in the Tippecanoe Masonic Lodge, and served the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge in Miami County. Sue Ann is responsible for the Garden Club recognition beautification projects at the Tipp City Veteran’s park and volunteers on the Arts Council.